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Foreign bodies are a common problems for dogs.  In summer and early autumn, grass seeds, lurk in the long grass waiting to be picked up and carried by an unsuspecting animal to a new location so they can grow.  They are designed to get caught in the hair and fur of animals.  Commonly picked up on the paws, grass seeds can penetrate the skin between the toes and track up through the underlying tissues causing all kinds of problems.  Occasionally they pop out though the skin higher up the limb, when they get to a point of high mobility, but they can also remain in the tissues causing ongoing pain and inflammation and infection for months/years and can be really hard to find.  Some dogs get them stuck in their ears or sniff them up their noses which can be really difficult to resolve.


When walking your dog, especially if they like to track through the long grass always check your dogs paws, ears, nose and eyes for grass seeds.  If sniffed up the nostril it can lead to going deeper and end up in the lungs.  This will necessitate a trip to the vets for removal more than likely un anaesthesia, along with it entering the ear, eye or paw.. 


Signs to look for if grass seeds have made their way into any part of the body are:

  • Paws - Lame or having trouble walking.   Biting\licking at the paw, usually you will see a wet paw where they are trying to bit at the irritation.
  • Nose- Sneezing , rubbing at nose.  If it travel to the lungs can cause dog to be out of breath, reduced energy.
  • Ears - Shaking and pawing at ears.  Hanging head to one side.
  • Eyes - Pawing at eyes, redness, secondary infection (puss discharge).  Could get trapped under third eyelid which can scratch the surface of the eye.

I am a member of the British Dog Grooming Association a division of  Pet Industry Federation.


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