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If your puppy will be attending the groomers  at some point it is a good idea to get them used to various noises and sounds they might encounter at the groomers.  It is always best to introduce them at an early age.  Most groomers will be happy for your puppy to attend for short regular periods to get used to the sounds and smells.  

The following tips will help your dog, yourself and your groomer:

  • If you want them to be clipped a really useful tip is to get an electric toothbrush and introduce them to the vibration.  Run it over the body, this simulates the experience they will have with clippers.  When your puppy goes into the groomers and has a puppy bath and tidy they will usually introduce them to the clippers in this way but you could be ahead of the game.
  • Spend time brushing your puppy.  My puppy is brushed every day on my grooming table that way when I need to do something more advanced, like scissoring, he will be used to the height and stand for me.
  • Spend time touching their paws.  This will help when clipping their nails, there's nothing worse than a dog flinching when you are trying to trim nails or clear pads.  The time spent touching/massaging their paws is very important and will save stress to you and your puppy in the long run.






I am a member of the British Dog Grooming Association a division of  Pet Industry Federation.


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